New England Patriots postseason hero Julian Edelman recently had to retire from the NFL due to injury, with the team citing that they'll terminate his contract due to a failed physical. That way, his remarkable 12-year career came to an end.

Needless to say, his retirement has prompted a huge debate on social media and even between TV analysts, as some people believe that he's done enough merits to being inducted into the Hall of Fame, while others not.

He's got 3 rings, a Super Bowl MVP, and countless highlights in the playoffs, but he was rather pedestrian during the regular season and doesn't have Hall-of-Famer kind of numbers (620 receptions, 6,822 yards, and 40 total touchdowns).

Bill Belichick Says Julian Edelman Is The Most Improved Player He's Ever Coached

Then again, coach Bill Belichick couldn't care less about his Hall of Fame case. For all he knows, he's one of the physically and mentally tougher players he's ever met, and that's why he showered him in praise for the multiple transitions he did throughout his career.

Edelman was the jack of all trades for Belichick. He went from playing quarterback in college to become a punt returner, safety, and wide receiver; while also serving as Tom Brady's de-facto backup more than once:

“Julian’s been one of the players that’s probably come further than most every other player that I’ve coached,” Belichick started.

“His development from a quarterback in college to a receiver, punt returner and even a defensive player, all positions that he never played. To excel as a punt return and receiver for a number of years at those difficult positions is quite an accomplishment, especially considering that he didn’t do those things, wasn’t trained to do them, in college. His toughness, his competitiveness, his playmaking ability was a big part of the backbone of our team. I have a ton of respect for Julian, what he accomplished in his career, how hard he worked to accomplish it, and I have a great appreciation for all he’s done for me personally and our organization," he concluded.

Hall of Famer or not, plenty of players would've died to win three Super Bowls, and Edelman made plenty of money throughout his career to be worried about that. Hopefully, he'll be back at full strength rather sooner than later to enjoy his much-deserved retirement.