For the first time in 20 years, Tom Brady will visit Gillette Stadium as a rival. He could be the friendliest foe the New England Patriots have faced in their history, but a threat nonetheless. And Bill Belichick spares no victims when it comes to his opposition.

Brady recently said that he knows how the crowd sounds, how the air smells, and pretty much there is to know about a game-day in Foxboro. Clearly, the game will be filled with mixed emotions for the legendary quarterback and the fans alike.

But as it usually happens in the NFL, not even those who were once friends, colleagues, and co-authors of a dynasty can help to fire shots every now and then. And coach Belichick isn't the exception to that rule.

Bill Belichick Takes A Subtle Shot At Tom Brady, Says He's Predictable

Talking ahead of Sunday's game, the legendary coach seemingly took a swipe at Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense. According to Belichick, his passing game is predictable at this point:

“It’s the offense he’s run his whole career,” Belichick told Josh Alper of ProFootballTalk. “Well, I mean, as it evolved here, but you know. The running game is the running game. The runninggame is different, but passing game’s the passing game. That’s pretty similar. I mean, you could call almost every play from the flare control to the protection, you know, similar to the way we do it.”


Well, if someone knows Brady and his flaws, that has got to be the guy who coached him for two decades. He may know one thing or two about slowing the seven-time Super Bowl champion down, assuming that's possible.

But, as important as this game is for Belichick and as determined he'll be to outduel his latest foe, the same can be said of Brady. Needless to say, the eyes of the world will be set at Foxboro on Sunday night.