The Buffalo Bills have finished the regular season strongly by clinching the AFC East last weekend. But they did not have much time to celebrate as they take on division rivals New England Patriots on Saturday night.

Last time they met in Buffalo, Bill Belichick's team didn't hesitate to run the ball all night long to claim an ugly win. However, the Bills claimed revenge a few weeks later in Foxborough.

But Saturday will be a different story and Josh Allen knows it. The Bills quarterback has a huge challenge ahead of him to try and lead his team to another deep run in the NFL playoffs. For him, the key to win the game will be to protect the football.

Josh Allen explains what the Bills need to do to beat the Patriots

“Ball security is the number one priority going into this game,” Allen said in his press conference, as quoted by Clutchpoints. “Trying to end every drive with a kick. Playing a team three times in the season, we know each other extremely well. They know us, we know them, so it’s whoever can adjust quicker.

“Whoever can show a different look than we saw maybe the first go-around or the second go-around and throw a different wrinkle in again. That’s why coach Belichick is one of the, if not the, greatest coach of all time, just his ability to switch things up for a quarterback and make you see two different things.”

Bill Belichick is full of praise for Josh Allen

Allen may have heaped a lot of praise on the Patriots coach but the respect is mutual. Bill Belichick, who had spoken incredibly well of Allen before their first meeting this season, says the Bills have one of the best players in the NFL.

“Josh is one of the best players in the league," he said, as quoted by USA Today's Bills Wire. "Dynamic player. The ball is in his hands a lot. He can do a lot of things with it, make all the throws at all levels of the field, obviously run with the ball, scramble, extend plays, and throw it. It’s always a challenge to play against him. He’s a tough guy to stop.”

The Patriots have certainly had a tough time trying to stop Allen last time out. However, it's also true that they emerged victorious when they traveled to Buffalo this season. On Saturday, we'll know who gets the upper hand this time to keep their Super Bowl hopes alive.