Landing Tom Brady was a really big move for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who went to win the Super Bowl LV at the start of the month, beating the big favorites Kansas City Chiefs with a 31-9 result. 

Only they and the San Diego Chargers seriously pursued Brady in NFL free agency and Bruce Arians's team was the one who landed the player in a big move that really paid off for the Floridians and their chances to make it to the playoffs and play for the title. 

TB12 signed for two seasons and nobody knew why but Arians have shed light on that situation, explaining the reasons that took the 43-year-old to leave his home at Foxborough and go to play with the Buccaneers in a different conference.

Bruce Arians explains why Tom Brady decided to join the Buccaneers 

The veteran head coach recently talked about what led Brady to end his tenure in New England, where he won six Super Bowls, to play for a struggling team in Tampa Bay. They couldn’t win with Jameis Winston as their quarterback and adding this man was the right move for them. 

“I think his competitive spirit is so strong that he wanted to do it,” Arians told Ray Lewis of Showtime, via, regarding Brady’s motivation. “He wanted to show people. I’ve never said anything bad about Bill Belichick; I know everybody tries to say I do. His record speaks for itself. He is probably the greatest one ever. But I think [Brady] wanted to try a different way.”

Arians and Brady exchanged a couple of comments during the first weeks of the season, with people thinking there were some issues between them but they worked it out, or they never existed, and the Bucs had a very good run to the Super Bowl, beating big rivals on their way to the championship. 

Next year, Brady will have the chance to prove this season was for real Tampa Bay fans can’t wait to see what else he will bring. We will see his return to Foxborough in the next campaign and that moment will be very emotional for the veteran.