The recent relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift has captured everyone’s attention. However, the Kansas City Chiefs are wary of the tight end becoming too distracted by it. As a result, they have prepared a plan to prevent any diversions.

Last year, Travis Kelce revealed his interest in pursuing a relationship with Taylor Swift. The tight end attended one of the singer’s concerts and provided his phone number to her security, hoping to make a connection.

Fortunately for him, his efforts were successful, as Swift responded to his interest quickly. Since then, they have begun dating, and now they are one of the most iconic couples in the entertainment industry.

Chiefs don’t want Travis Kelce to distract with Taylor Swift

Last season, Travis Kelce made a decision to revitalize his love life. He expressed a keen interest in dating a prominent star like Taylor Swift, and the tight end pursued his goal relentlessly until he succeeded.

Since both celebrities started dating, everyone has been talking about them. However, the Chiefs know that this attention might distract Kelce, and they have designed a plan to avoid this to happen.

Chiefs president Mark Donovan revealed that the team’s front office instructed against playing any Taylor Swift songs during their home games to prevent Travis Kelce from becoming distracted.

“We didn’t play a single Taylor Swift song during the season,” Donovan said, via Joe Favorito. “We made it clear to Travis that we were going to be respectful of his relationship from day one and make sure we didn’t create intentional distractions.”

It appears that their plan did indeed work, as Travis Kelce was able to secure his third Super Bowl title with the Chiefs. The tight end celebrated lifting the Vince Lombardi trophy alongside Swift, and he seems poised to win more with his new partner by his side.

SURVEY Will Travis Kelce win another Super Bowl?

Will Travis Kelce win another Super Bowl?