The 2023 NFL season hasn’t treated the Carolina Panthers kindly. Following the dismissal of Frank Reich, the NFC South team sought a new coach to steer the rest of the campaign, ultimately selecting Chris Tabor for the interim role.

Chris Tabor might not be a household name for many fans, but he’s been a steady presence in the league for over 15 years. He started his journey as an assistant special teams coach for the Chicago Bears, and since then, he’s contributed his expertise to the Cleveland Browns before joining the Panthers.

Tabor arrived in Carolina last year as the special teams coordinator. Following the club’s decision to fire Frank Reich on Monday, they’ve elevated him to the role of interim head coach for the remainder of the campaign.

How old is Chris Tabor?

He was born in St. Joseph in the state of Missouri on March 4, 1971, so Tabor is 52 years old in 2023.

Who is his wife?

Nikki Graves is his wife. She and Tabor have two daughters, Paityn and Lainey. There’s no more information about her on the internet.

What is Chris Tabor’s coaching experience?

Chris Tabor has only served as a head coach in one game, stepping in for the Bears when Matt Nagy tested positive for COVID-19 and was unable to coach during the match against the San Francisco 49ers. Tabor led the team but unfortunately lost the game with a score of 33-22.

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Were the Panthers right in firing Frank Reich?