Following a couple of subpar years and the worst season of his young career in the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles finally decided to part ways with Carson Wentz. They sent him to the Indianapolis Colts, where he'll take over the starting quarterback job right away.

Wentz will be reunited with his former offensive coordinator Frank Reich, who brought the best out of him. That, combined with the Colts' top-notch defense and solid offensive line make some people believe that the best is right ahead for them.

At the top of that list, you'll find team owner Jim Irsay, who thinks that Wentz can lead them to another 'golden era'. And while he's no Peyton Manning, you could say that this franchise knows a thing or two about good quarterbacks.

Colts Owner Jim Isay Says Carson Wentz Will Bring Them A 'Golden Era'

“I really believe that you will see a golden era develop as we go into this decade sitting here in 2021. I believe it with all my heart and soul. There’s good reason to believe it. You talk to people around the league and people that know, they’re going to agree with what I’m saying when they look at Chris Ballard and Frank Reich and the expectations going into this decade that we have for both of them leading the team," Irsay said, as quoted by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

Jim Irsay Says Carson Wentz Was The Perfect Guy For The Colts

“I really do feel — I can’t emphasize how strongly I feel — that Carson is the man for the job for the Colts at this time. And believe me, there’s been a lot, as you guys know with the quarterback situation that has happened over the last three years. And to get someone that I really do believe, and I do believe this, after looking at this game for 50 years and seeing guys come and go at that key position, I really think that he can be that guy that’s the centerpiece and the guy that’s going to be around with these teams that we put together for the next decade that give the Colts a chance for greatness. I really feel that," he concluded.

Wentz's talent is undeniable but he's got a lot of mouths to silence this season. He was uncoachable and unplayable for most of last season. Now, we're looking forward to seeing what he's got.