The teams where DeAndre Hopkins could potentially land increase every day. In the beginning, only Super Bowl contenders like the Buffalo Bills or the Kansas City Chiefs appeared as the options. But that has changed since he was released.

The Arizona Cardinals were ready to trade him early in the year, although his salary was too high for basically everyone in the NFL. That’s why the Cardinals decided to lose him for nothing, although the timing worked against him.

A talented wide receiver shouldn’t be a free agent for too long, but at this point most teams don’t have much cap space to fit him in the roster. That’s what happened with Hopkins considering it’s been two weeks without any update, although at least now there is a potential deadline.

DeAndre Hopkins could keep waiting to find a team

Being a free agent grants him the possibility of signing whenever he wants. Veterans that are available in June usually try to postpone getting a deal done until near the season. It’s something that obviously applies to those who know they’ll have a team. The wide receiver has that type of talent, and it may take a bit longer to make a decision.

Hopkins is expected to have late July as the deadline to find a new team, according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. “He is sorting out potential free-agency visits that he could take in the coming days. I was told that basically minicamp is a soft deadline, training camp in late July more of a hard deadline. This is not a situation where he’s only looking to play with certain quarterbacks, or a short list. He’s pretty open-minded here is what shakes down”, Fowler reported.