It was a bit shocking to see DeAndre Hopkins being released by the Arizona Cardinals two weeks ago. The move was expected to come with interest from plenty of teams ready to sign the wide receiver as a free agent, but the market has been very slow.

The timing of his release makes it very complicated to find Super Bowl contenders with enough cap space to sign him. Teams like the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs were interested, although they don’t have the required space for now.

There are other teams that appear as potential landing spots for him like the New England Patriots, the Cleveland Browns, or even the Houston Texans. However, it’s still very uncertain where he’ll play. Something that is confirmed is where he is going to go for his first visit.

DeAndre Hopkins schedules visit with the Tennessee Titans

Hopkins was first thought to be going after a ring, but his next steps might not go that route. The possibility of giving up some money to sign a team-friendly deal with a contender doesn’t seem to be on the table, so any team could get him.

The Tennessee Titans have scheduled a visit with Hopkins for this Sunday, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network. This was surprising because the Titans are far away from the version that had them in the AFC Championship Game of the 2019 season.

Especially the doubts around the quarterback position in Tennessee is what would make this signing a bit strange if it gets finalized. Ryan Tannehill is not among the worst signal-callers in the league, but he is also not near the top. His numbers are probably going to be less impactful considering he would join a run-first team.