The Miami Dolphins got off to a 2-0 start to the NFL season after a hard-fought battle in Foxboro. Mike McDaniel’s team wasn’t as explosive as in Week 1, but they still managed to get the best out of the New England Patriots.

The victory was especially tasteful for superstar WR Tyreek Hill, who stole all the headlines shortly after the game. He was spotted taunting and waiving Patriots fans goodbye, and some didn’t care for that gesture.

The former Kansas City Chiefs star has always had a knack for trash-talking; he has no regrets about this. In fact, he doubled down by putting Patriots fans on blast for some of the things they called him.

Tyreek Hill Says Patriots Fans Are Nasty

It felt tremendous. Those fans are some of the worst fans in the NFL, and I’m gonna stand on that because they’re real nasty,” Hill said after the game. “Some of the things they were saying, I wouldn’t say in church. So it felt great to wave goodbye to the fans, and I’m gonna do it again. Bye.”

Needless to say, we already know what he’s talking about. There’s a long-withstanding reputation from Boston fans with this particular issue, and unfortunately, it may not go away any time soon.

Granted that not all fans are like that, and it would be unfair to say otherwise, but this isn’t anything new, sadly. At least, Hill managed to leave town with five grabs for 40 yards, one touchdown, a win, and some real estate in some fans’ heads.