The Deshaun Watson situation is kind of getting out of hand right now. Everybody around the NFL knows that Watson wants to get out of the Houston Texans, yet the team refuses to cave into his demands.

Watson demanded a trade at the beginning of the offseason and hasn't changed his mind thus far. If anything, he's even angrier at the team, especially after they let go of veteran star JJ Watt.

For now, it doesn't seem like the Texans are going to let him go regardless of how good of an offer they get. Then again, one of their recent signings may point towards him looking for a Plan B already.

Houston Texans Say They Won't Trade Deshaun Watson

"He is our starting quarterback as of right now. He is our starting quarterback. Things happen between now and then. We'll see what happens," new Texans coach David Culley said some days ago regarding the Watson situation.

Texans Sign Tyrod Taylor As An Insurance Policy

However, Ian Rapoport recently announced that the Houston Texans just signed veteran quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who was supposed to be the Los Angeles Chargers' starter last season until the team doctor accidentally punctured his lung.

via Ian Rapoport

Taylor has plenty of experience as a starter in the NFL. He's a dual-threat quarterback that could hold the front just long enough until they get a new building block for the future, assuming they'll - in fact - trade Watson.

There's no telling what the team is going to do but it doesn't seem like Watson is going to agree to play with them this season, and that's most likely why they already got a potential replacement waiting in line.