The Dallas Cowboys haven’t won the Super Bowl in almost three decades. In the 2023 season, with Dak Prescott as their leader, Jerry Jones guaranteed this was the best version of the team in years. However, it all ended in failure following a 48-32 loss at home in the Wild Card round against the Green Bay Packers.

Mike McCarthy hasn’t delivered in the postseason, but, Jones will give the head coach a final chance in 2024. The big problem for the owner is that Prescott, Micah Parsons and CeeDee Lamb are patiently waiting for big contract extensions and that could derail a championship roster.

So, the first move by the Dallas Cowboys could be a shocking one in the NFL. All signs point at Dak Prescott resetting the quarterback market above names such as Patrick Mahomes or Joe Burrow.

How much money will Dak Prescott get from Dallas Cowboys?

In 2024, Dak Prescott will enter the final year of his contract with the Dallas Cowboys. Even with no Lombardi trophies to show for, Jerry Jones is ready to make him the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL.

According to a report from Jordan Schultz, the new deal for Prescott will pay him $60 million per year. Dak has a lot of leverage to negotiate with Jones because of two key factors.

The Dallas Cowboys cannot tag him during the offseason and, in case they want to get rid of him (highly unlikely), the quarterback also has a no trade clause at his disposal.

Despite the salary cap being a concern, Jerry Jones has already warned that he will not spare any resources to ensure that the Cowboys can finally win the Super Bowl.

“I would anticipate we will be all-in at the end of this year. It will be going all-in on different people than you’ve done in the past. We will be going all-in. We’ve seen some things out of some of the players that we want to be all-in on. Yes, I would say that you will see us this coming year not build it for the future. It’s the best way I’ve ever said. That ought to answer a lot of questions.”