The New York Jets managed to get a win in their first game of the NFL season, but it’s all gone downhill ever since. That’s not much of a surprise, considering that Aaron Rodgers is no longer on the field.

Zach Wilson did just enough to beat the Buffalo Bills, mostly thanks to their defense. But he struggled mightily vs. the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots, once again raising doubts about his abilities.

That’s why team legend Joe Namath was ruthless in his criticism of him, calling him ‘awful’ and stating that he was ‘disgusted’ by him. With that in mind, HC Robert Saleh urged him to reach out to him and share his suggestions.

Robert Saleh On Joe Namath: We’ll Agree To Disagree

I haven’t spoken to Joe, but obviously Joe is an icon, a Hall of Famer, and a well-respected individual in this organization,” Saleh said. “The door is always open for him to walk in, and my office is always open for him. But we’ll agree to disagree with his comments, but he is entitled to those comments.”

The latest reports state that coach Saleh is at serious risk of losing his locker room because of his constant defense of Wilson. The players, especially on defense, feel he’s not being held accountable.

Whatever the case, numbers don’t lie, and Wilson’s numbers have been far from impressive. He ranks last or close to last in almost every major category, and they cannot afford to keep him under center for much longer.