The Cleveland Browns have up to 17 players and 2 coaches out with the NFL's health and safety protocols. Even so, the league has no intention whatsoever of postponing Saturday's game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

The NFL, just like the NBA and several other major tournaments are struggling with the current COVID-19 outbreak and, although a pause seems like the logical and wise decision, they just don't think to feel the same way.

That's why Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield - who happens to be one of their 17 players out with the virus - recently called out the league for choosing money over the health of the players and their staff.

Baker Mayfield Calls Out The League For Not Postponing Their Game

"NFL Make up your damn mind on protocols. Showing up and making only 3 teams test?!? All so you can keep the game as scheduled to make money," the former first overall pick tweeted.

"Actually caring about player safety would mean delaying the game with this continuing at the rate it is…. But to say you won’t test vaccinated players if they don’t have symptoms, then to pull this randomly. Doesn’t make any sense to me," Mayfield added. "Tell me if this makes sense…. No tests this morning… then let our team gather for practice… then show up after practice to test them. Something seems off here."

NFL News: Myles Garrett Trains On His Own To Avoid Covid-19

Browns star defender Myles Garrett, on the other hand, is just trying to do his best to avoid contracting the virus. Garrett already dealt with COVID but he claims that he just doesn't want to put his loved ones in jeopardy:

“I was out there at the end of practice doing my own thing kind of on the side,” Garrett told The Chronicle-Telegram. “I’m trying to get my work done myself and walking through, getting some conditioning and just trying to take precaution for myself.

“I know how it affected me, so I’m not trying to catch it, even if I’m asymptomatic this time around. No telling what it could do to my loved ones and what happened with them last year," the defensive star said.

“When I haven’t been at work, I’ve been home, trying to stay secluded to myself and just trying to stay with my family. I don’t want them if they’re away from me to get it," Garrett added. "While I’m at the facility I want to stay away from my parents and the people around me so they don’t have to be subject to it, as well.”

In reality, the league should at least consider moving Saturday's game to next week. It just doesn't feel right. But hey, it's just the times we're living in and all teams were aware of the rules before the start of the season.