Joe Flacco had a good starter game with the Jets, but he will not be available for Week 12 as Flacco and Mike White are on the Covid list. Both players tested positive for coronavirus. The Jets lost to the Dolphins 17-24, but that game brought some rookie Jets to play with the team. Zach Wilson returns as a starter for Week 12.

Jared Goff is almost ready to play the Bears on Thanksgiving Day, according to Lions' head coach Dan Campbell. Detroit Lions lost in Week 11 against the Browns 10-13, it was a tough game for the Lions but with Tim Boyle the result was not so bad after all.

Baker Mayfield is still healthy and will be playing as a starter with the Browns this week, but it looks like Mayfield's time with the Browns is coming to an end. Skip Bayless said this week that the Browns locker room is about to turn against Mayfield.

NFL 2021: Starting quarterbacks for Week 12 with Rankings and QBR

The most important changes in the ranking is related to the backup quarterbacks since two of them will not play this week. Tim Boyle will be replaced by Lions QB1 Jared Goff, and Zach Wilson will replace veteran backup Joe Flacco.

Matt Ryan is practicing with the team in Week 12 but there are still doubts if he will be the starter this week. Ryan is recovering from an ankle injury, but the Falcons' head coach said Ryan is likely to play against the Jaguars in Week 12.

Other good news for Week 12 is related to the injury status of Lamar Jackson, this week he practiced with the team and it is likely that Jackson will play against the Browns on Sunday Night Football.

Rank by Bolavip, QBR by ESPN
RK Name QBR Team Backup?
1 Matthew Stafford 67.9 LA Rams x
2 Justin Herbert 64.1 LA Chargers x
3 Josh Allen 58.8 Buffalo x
4 Tom Brady 65.8 Tampa x
5 Aaron Rodgers 65.3 Green Bay x
6 Ryan Tannehill 53.9 Tennessee x
7 Mac Jones 50.2 New England x
8 Jimmy Garoppolo 59.6 San Francisco x
9 Patrick Mahomes 57.2 Kansas City x
10 Cam Newton 69.0 Carolina YES
11 Joe Burrow 49.4 Cincinnati x
12 Colt McCoy 53.5 Arizona YES
13 Lamar Jackson 54.4 Baltimore x
14 Derek Carr 53.7 Las Vegas x
15 Dak Prescott 51.3 Dallas x
16 Jalen Hurts 56.1 Indianapolis x
17 Kirk Cousins 59.1 Minnesota x
18 Trevor Siemian 36.9 New Orleans YES
19 Tua Tagovailoa 58.8 Miami x
20 Matt Ryan 52.3 Atlanta x
21 Teddy Bridgewater 47.3 Denver x
22 Ben Roethlisberger 43.8 Pittsburgh x
23 Daniel Jones 40.8 NY Giants x
24 Taylor Heinicke 48.5 Washington x
25 Russell Wilson 45.6 Seattle x
26 Jalen Hurts 52.0 Philadelphia x
27 Baker Mayfield 37.2 Cleveland x
28 Trevor Lawrence 35.0 Jacksonville x
29 Zach Wilson 34.4 NY Jets x
30 Jared Goff 0.1 Detroit x
31 Davis Mills 30.5 Houston x
32 Justin Fields 25.8 Chicago x

NFL 2021: Backup quarterbacks to start in Week 12

In Week 12 the list is shorter as this week the injured QB1s recovered and are back to play with their teams. But there are still some backups that remain at the forefront of the offense like the case of Colt McCoy who continues as a starter until Kyler Murray recovers his ankle.

10 Cam Newton 69.0 Carolina YES
12 Colt McCoy 53.5 Arizona YES
18 Trevor Siemian 36.9 New Orleans YES