The Dallas Cowboys are one of the big favorites to reach the playoffs in the upcoming 2023 NFL season, but they started the preseason with a loss to the underdogs Jacksonville Jaguars.

The preseason is not an indicator of how things will go in the regular season, but losing in front of almost 90,000 fans is not a good look, as the harshest criticism usually comes from your own fans.

Mike McCarthy knows that things will be different this season without Ezekiel Elliott, who left the team. This will be a weak point in the offensive line, and the Cowboys will need to adjust their strategy accordingly.

How many people attended the Dallas Cowboys preseason opener?

According to Jon Machota and AT&T Stadium, the Dallas Cowboys had an attendance of 81,204 fans for their preseason opener. They lost the game to the Jacksonville Jaguars 23-28.

The Cowboys have three more preseason games remaining: on the road against the Seattle Seahawks on August 19, at home against the Las Vegas Raiders on August 26, and on the road against the Arizona Cardinals on September 2. Their regular season opener is on September 10 against the New York Giants.