The New England Patriots lost to the Houston Texans by 9-20 in their preseason opener. Even though it was just a preseason game, the fans were not happy with the result. They still have two games left in the preseason schedule.

Starting the preseason with a loss is not a bad sign, but for the approximately 65,000 fans who attended the game, it could be a bad sign, especially for the defensive line, that they were not doing their job properly.

The worst thing is that Bill Belichick could be close to his last season as head coach, since there are many rumors about his future. However, so far there is nothing confirmed about his future with the franchise. It is likely that everything depends on how the Patriots perform in the 2023 season.

How many people attended the New England Patriots preseason opener?

According to the official gamebook published on the website, 64,628 people attended the Patriots preseason opener. They lost the game against the Texans, but still have two games left against the Green Bay Packers and Tennessee Titans.

On the other hand, the Patriots begin the 2023 NFL regular season on September 10 against the Philadelphia Eagles at home. So far, Mac Jones is the starting quarterback and no big changes are expected in the offensive line.