A couple of weeks ago, Deshaun Watson was all over the news for his desire to leave the Houston Texans. Now, he's stealing all the headlines for different reasons, as he's been sued by as many as 13 women for sexual assault.

Watson and his camp have barely denied the accusations against him after more than a dozen women claim that he sexually assaulted them during massage sessions, which clearly doesn't help his case.

To make things even worse, nine more women are also expected to pursue legal action vs. the young quarterback, and that situation could force the NFL to send Watson to the Commissioner-Exempt list until the cases are settled.

The NFL Could Take Actions Against Deshaun Watson

Should that happen, Mike Florio of NBC's Pro Football Talk says that this situation could force Watson to stay at Houston despite his desire to leave, or that the Texans could go as far as to cut Watson to avoid paying him:

"That would have significant consequences for Watson, and for the Texans. Watson would be barred from practicing or playing. The Texans, however, would be required to pay Watson his salary — more than $10 million in 2021. The question then would become whether the Texans would simply cut Watson to avoid owing him salary that he wouldn’t be allowed to earn," the report read.

"The mere possibility of paid leave turns the entire relationship between player and team on its head. Before last Tuesday, Watson wanted nothing to do with the Texans. Now, remaining on the Texans could be Watson’s only path to getting paid in 2021," Florio concluded.

It's crazy how the tables can turn in the blink of an eye. Watson was eager to get out of Houston, now staying there could be his only choice, as no other team is going to take a risk and sign him while the investigations are ongoing.

One could also say that the timing of these lawsuits is suspiciously convenient, to say the least, and that it could all be a plot from the Texans to force him to stay. But hey, if he's guilty, then he's gotta pay.