It's been a while since we last heard something about Deshaun Watson. The superstar quarterback made the news due to his desire to being traded away from the Houston Texans. Nonetheless, football is most likely the last thing on his mind right now.

The Clemson product is going through quite a tough time at this moment, with nearly two dozen women going forward and accusing him of sexual misconduct during their physiotherapy sessions.

Now, the National Football League is also investigating the matter, and his future in the league seems kind of iffy, as he could be put in paid leave any second until the cases against him settle.

NFL VP Of Football Operations Troy Vincent Breaks The Silence On Deshaun Watson's Case

Moreover, for the first time since this scandal broke weeks ago, a representative of the league talked about on his situation, as Vicepresident of Football Operations Troy Vincent made an appearance on Fox Radio on Saturday:

“I’m just praying for the young man, personally, today,” Vincent said. "I’m praying for him and his family. I’m praying for the young ladies that have come out. This is not good for anybody, forget the sport."

“But I think we’ve learned that every situation’s different. They’re delicate. You make sure that folks, whether it’s the accuser, the victim, whoever it may be, that there’s a due process in place. And I think we’ve learned that over time, not that we’ve rushed in the past, but I think we’ve learned from the different cases that we’ve seen with this particular subject matter, let the due process take care of itself, then that’s up to Lisa [Friel] and her team to now make the proper recommendations to what direction the Commissioner and the Commissioner’s office should take," he concluded.

We don't know yet how the league will proceed on this matter. Usually, they wait until the case is settled before making a ruling. This time, however, it's unlikely that they'll wait, given the fact that Watson is facing up to 22 different lawsuits.

The 2021 NFL Draft and season are just around the corner and Watson's situation is putting some teams - and the quarterback market - on hold for the moment. Then again, there are more important things than football right now.