The San Francisco 49ers have improved a lot in recent years. This season they are considered true contenders to win the Super Bowl LVIII, and an impressive stat indicates that they must reach the final game or they might be considered a failure.

Kyle Shanahan’s tenure with the 49ers has been exceptional, and under his leadership, the NFC West team has made significant strides, establishing themselves as one of the NFL’s premier franchises.

The 49ers boast a formidable offensive lineup, featuring highly skilled players who pose a significant threat to their opponents. Defensively, the team has demonstrated exceptional organization and possesses talented individuals who have made critical contributions in crucial moments.

49ers must reach the Super Bowl LVIII according to a shocking stat

The 49ers have established themselves as one of the NFL’s premier teams through the first five weeks of the 2023 season. While they still face challenges ahead, they have already conquered formidable opponents.

Their main objective is the Super Bowl LVIII. Last year, the 49ers were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game, so this season they want to at least be able to play the match for the Vince Lombardi trophy.

The 49ers are expected to face tough challenges on their path to the Super Bowl, but a compelling statistic hints at the possibility of them being the NFC representative in this year’s championship game. While anything can happen in the NFL, their strong start to the 2023 season suggests they could make it to the final game of the campaign.

In NFL history, only six teams, including this year’s 49ers, have managed to score more than 30 points in their first five games of the season: the Rams in 2000 and 2018; the Patriots in 2007 and 2011; and the Broncos in 2013. Among these teams, only the Rams in 2000 failed to reach the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, none of those teams was able to win the Super Bowl despite their remarkable start. If the 49ers do play for the Vince Lombardi trophy this year and win it, they will break this curse and become the first team in NFL history to do so.

SURVEY Will the San Francisco 49ers win the Super Bowl LVIII?

Will the San Francisco 49ers win the Super Bowl LVIII?