The Green Bay Packers are arguably going through their worst stretch in the Aaron Rodgers era. They've dropped five straight games, including losses to the Giants, Jets, Commanders, and now the Lions.

Matt LaFleur's team was expected to regress from last season after all the losses they suffered in the offseason. But not even the most pessimistic Packers fan ever saw this meltdown coming.

However, Rodgers refuses to admit the Detroit Lions played a good football game against them. Instead, he told Pat McAfee that it was the Packers' shortcomings that they dropped the game.

NFL News: Aaron Rodgers Blames Packers For Loss To Lions

“Look, no disrespect, but did they play great?” Rodgers said. “I mean, we had 400 yards of offense on them, moved the ball up and down the field. I threw an interception off a helmet, I threw an interception about five yards short of Dave (Bakhtiari). It wasn’t like, I didn’t play a great game, we still made a lot of mental mistakes, but I don’t think they really stopped us. We had three possessions in the first half and went up and down the field, so you know, it’s more about us I think than them.”

“I thought our offense, it was one of our better games the way we moved the football,” Rodgers added. “We threw the ball downfield fairly effectively at times, but still, way too many mental mistakes. When you have mental mistakes and then I’m turning the ball over like that, you’re not going to win the game. We’ve had mental mistakes and then I’m not turning the ball over and we still don’t win those games."

Whatever the case, the Packers have no margin for error anymore. They're not likely to make the playoffs, and some are wondering whether it's finally time to move on from their Hall of Famer QB.