Zach Wilson joined the Denver Broncos this offseason to be their backup quarterback. However, the AFC West club is set to make a shocking decision regarding the former 2nd overall pick.

With the departure of Russell Wilson, the Broncos needed a new quarterback to lead their offense. While it was expected that the AFC West team would hire a veteran player, fans were likely surprised by the choice of Zach Wilson.

A few weeks later, Denver added another quarterback. With the 12th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Broncos selected Bo Nix, who was expected to be the starteror so everyone thought.

Report: Zach Wilson in contention to be the Broncos’ starting quarterback

Broncos fans may not be very happy at the moment. When the team released Russell Wilson, they were expecting a top-tier quarterback to lead the offense, and Zach Wilson was definitely not their top choice.

When the team announced Zach Wilson’s arrival from the New York Jets, everyone assumed he would be the backup quarterback. However, it now seems there’s a high chance he could be the starter once again.

According to ESPN, Sean Payton is undecided between Bo Nix and Zach Wilson for the starting quarterback job. The head coach is reportedly interested in giving the veteran an opportunity to avoid putting the rookie in a tough spot.

“We just felt like, man, we’d love to work with this guy,” Payton told reporters about Wilson earlier this year. “It wasn’t too long ago we remember grading him (well), and we felt the investment was worth it relative to his skill set and his talent. … We spent the better part of a month and a half working on that trade.”

Zach Wilson, quarterback of the New York Jets

Zach Wilson, quarterback of the New York Jets

It is worth noticing that this doesn’t mean that Nix won’t have a chance. Payton has also praised Bo Nix, and the team’s plan doesn’t include benching their 1st-round pick this year.

How many quarterbacks have the Broncos had since Peyton Manning?

The last solid starting quarterback that the Denver Broncos had was undoubtedly Peyton Manning. He led the team to victory in Super Bowl 50, but since then, finding a decent replacement has been incredibly tough for them.

Since Peyton Manning’s retirement, the Denver Broncos have seen 12 different starting quarterbacks, from Trevor Siemian to Jarrett Stidham. Philip Lindsay, their former running back, also started a game, albeit due to a lack of players during COVID.

SURVEY Who should be the starting quarterback for the Broncos?

Who should be the starting quarterback for the Broncos?