The New Orleans Saints are really struggling this year. Even though they signed Derek Carr this season, the quarterback has been unable to stay healthy, and now he has new injuries that raise concerns for the team.

Earlier this year, the Saints decided to hire an experienced quarterback to lead their offense. At the same time, the Raiders parted ways with Derek Carr, and he saw New Orleans as the perfect place to continue his career.

Unfortunately, Carr’s tenure with the NFC South team has not been the best. The former Raiders player has not had very good health this year, and now it seems that he will be out for more time.

Report: Derek Carr is once again in concussion protocol

Derek Carr has suffered several injuries throughout the entire 2023 NFL season. The quarterback has been unable to help his team due to his health issues, and the end of the regular campaign will probably be the same.

In Week 13, while facing the Detroit Lions, Derek Carr exited the game after receiving a hard hit by Bruce Irvin. He recovered and was able to stand up, but the medical staff had to help him to leave the field.

Carr was unable to return and Jameis Winston took his spot. Now, it has been revealed that the former Raiders player is in concussion protocol and will also be evaluated for a possible rib injury.

“Any time you have a concussion, it’s concerning,” head coach Dennis Allen said on the quarterback being in the protocol for the second time. “There is concern with some of the injuries (Carr) has suffered. Just like we do all the time, we’ll go in and evaluate where he’s at physically. Then, we will go from there.”

As of today, is uncertain if Carr will be able to play next week against the Carolina Panthers. This game is decisive for New Orleans, as a win, combined with an upset of the Falcons, would close the gap between them and Atlanta.

How many wins do the Saints need to advance to playoffs?

The NFC South is not the most competitive division nowadays. After Week 13, the Falcons are currently on top with a 6-6 record, but the Buccaneers and the Saints are not so far with a 5-7 each one of them.

Next week, all four teams in the division will face off against each other. The Falcons will host the Bucs, while the Saints will do the same with the Panthers. If both Tampa Bay and New Orleans win, it’ll create a three-way tie, making the end of the regular season incredibly thrilling for these teams.

SURVEY Who will win the NFC South?

Who will win the NFC South?