Deshaun Watson's situation doesn't give you a break. The Cleveland Browns continue to wait for Judge Sue L. Robinson's decision so the NFL can determine how many games the former Houston Texans QB will miss, if any.

Watson was inactive throughout the whole 2021 NFL season. While he wasn't put on paid leave or suspended, and he still collected all his checks, it's evident that the league wasn't going to allow him to play amid his legal turmoil.

Rumors surfaced stating that the league could make an example out of him and issue a lengthy suspension, potentially one year. That's why Watson and the NFLPA were ready to pursue legal action against the NFL.

Deshaun Watson, NFLPA Would Sue The NFL If He's Suspended One Year

"Sources in the Watson case believe arbitrator Sue Robinson’s decision could bump up against - or even overlap - with the first few days of #Browns camp. One opinion offered on the timeline is that she may be taking her time to give the league and Watson another shot at settling," reported Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports.

"Another note: If Watson ends up incurring the full-year suspension the NFL is seeking - either from the arbitrator or a league appeal of Robinson’s decision - I’m told his camp and the 
NFLPA have already made the decision to file a lawsuit against the league in federal court,"
Robinson added.

Watson Likely Facing A Minor Suspension

But fortunately for Watson, that's not going to be necessary. According to Mike Florio of NBC's ProFootballTalk, he's only likely to be suspended for two to eight games once Robinson issues her ruling:

"As one source who has reviewed the materials submitted last week by the parties to Judge Sue L. Robinson told PFT on Monday, the final punishment most likely won’t be one year," Florio wrote. "The currently expected range is two to eight games."

"Whether the league would appeal such an outcome, and whether Commissioner Roger Goodell or his designee would impose a dramatically longer ban, remains to be seen," Florio added.

So, to sum it up: more than two dozen women who didn't know each other accused Watson of the very same thing, yet he didn't miss a payment, got traded as he wanted, was signed to a massive contract extension, and won't face a major suspension after his former team settled with the accusers.