Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals in great fashion to secure the 2022 Super Bowl at home. But many things have happened since then, and now they have work to do in order to contend.

Sean McVay's men are 2-3 after five weeks, sitting second in the NFC West after suffering unexpected, consecutive defeats. Far from bouncing back from a defeat to the 49ers, the Rams were unable to beat Cooper Rush and the Cowboys.

There's still a long way to go this season, but the outlook isn't great. The team would clearly welcome the return of Odell Beckham Jr., who has been off the field since suffering a torn ACL in the Super Bowl. However, the star receiver may be looking to play elsewhere.

Odell Beckham Jr. takes a shot at the LA Rams

Though Beckham Jr. may not be able to play at least until mid-November, his name has already been linked with potential destinations in the event he's back for this season. The Rams are said to be interested in bringing him back, but according to the wideout, they haven't shown that.

LA knows where I wanted to be . . . but they didn’t offer me . . . ANYthing! So idk what people want me to do, I def kno my worth and what the offer was isn’t reflective of that,Beckham replied on Twitter to a user that claimed everyone at Rams wants him back. “So it’s tough to say that I can come on back even tho I thought I finally found that home!”

Beckham made it clear he was happy in LA. In fact, he pointed out that his contribution to winning a title in such a few months had to do with how comfortable he felt with the team. But Beckham was expecting a much better offer from the front office.

"But YES LA treated me normal and special all in the same breath , we see how that played out! For both sides," Beckham wrote. "I went out to win a trophy there knowin the risk of playin without an ACL… and then I got the lowest of low offers after that goin into the next season. Impossible."

The destinations of a free agent are always a guessing game, and this isn't the exception. Beckham doesn't look happy with the offer he got from his former team, but who knows... They still have plenty of time to work things out.