The 2023 NFL season has not been perfect for the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, they still have a chance to advance to the playoffs, but they have received worrying news regarding Kenny Pickett that may put their plans in danger.

The AFC North has been very competitive lately, and this year has not disappointed at all. All the four squads are still competing for the division title, and the Steelers don’t want to miss this big chance.

Despite not achieving the level of dominance they hoped for, the team currently holds a 7-5 record, positioning them for the Wild Card round. However, a significant concern looms that could impede their path to the playoffs: the availability of Kenny Pickett.

Kenny Pickett suffers another injury and will be out for several weeks

Kenny Pickett has been the starting quarterback of the Steelers since Week 1. Mike Tomlin, the team’s head coach, is confident that he will soon be the player that they have been waiting for since Ben Roethlisberger’s departure.

Unfortunately, Pickett won’t be able to help the team in the last weeks of the 2023 NFL season. The quarterback suffered a high-ankle sprain, and he had surgery to heal it.

According to Mike Tomlin, this injury won’t end Pickett’s season. The head coach revealed that they expect him to miss between two and four weeks, so he would be available if the Steelers advance to playoffs.

Unfortunately, his backup doesn’t give Steelers fans too much hope. Mitch Trubisky has played in three games this season due to Pickett’s injuries, and he has lost all of them.

Following Pickett’s surgery, the team has signed Trace McSorley to their practice squad, as reported by ESPN. He will serve as Trubisky’s backup until Kenny’s return, with the team aiming to secure a playoff berth even in the absence of their starting quarterback.

Which are the next games of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

There are five games left for the Steelers this year. On Thursday, Pittsburgh will face the New England Patriots to open the activities of Week 14; a game that can be crucial for their hopes.

After the Patriots match, the Steelers are gearing up to confront the Colts, Bengals, Seahawks, and Ravens. With two crucial games against divisional rivals on the horizon, these matchups could prove pivotal for their playoff aspirations.

SURVEY Will the Steelers advance to playoffs?

Will the Steelers advance to playoffs?