The Pittsburgh Steelersare fighting in the AFC North to reach the playoffs, after Week 12 they have a record of 7-4 after winning against the Cincinnati Bengals by 16-10, but that victory was not so easy, since one of their players saw a fumble in front of his eyes and did nothing to recover it.

The Steelers’ offensive line has been a major concern this season. The line has struggled to protect Pickett and has allowed him to be sacked 21 times. The line has also struggled to open up holes for the running game, as the Steelers are averaging just 110.1 yards rushing per game.

The Steelers have a real chance to make the playoffs this season. They have a favorable remaining schedule and are playing well on both sides of the ball. If Pickett can continue to develop and the offensive line can improve, the Steelers could be a dangerous team in the playoffs.

The ‘lost’ fumble

The Pittsburgh Steelers won the Week 12 game against the Cincinnati Bengals, but during the game it was clear how WR Diontae Johnson didn’t care about a fumble that happened in front of him during a play that went wrong.

Fumbles are one of the most costly mistakes in football. They can lead to turnovers, which can give the opposing team excellent field position and momentum. In some cases, fumbles can even lead to touchdowns for the opposing team.

There are a number of reasons why fumbles are so costly. First, they can happen at any time during a play. This means that even a seemingly innocuous play can turn into a disaster if the ball is fumbled.

Second, fumbles are often unpredictable. Even the best ball carriers can fumble, and there is no surefire way to prevent them from happening.