Tom Brady is one of the most authorized voices in the NFL after winning the Super Bowl seven times during his illustrious career. Now, after his second retirement, the legend is preparing for a new chapter as TV analyst.

Brady was the 199th pick in the 2000 Draft for the New England Patriots and, alongside Bill Belichick, built one of the greatest dynasties in history. Later, in one of the most impressive feats, the quarterback signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win one more championship.

Now, a constant question for Tom Brady is who can be his legitimate successor. Undoubtedly, Patrick Mahomes seems the ideal candidate after his spectacular performances with the Kansas City Chiefs.

However, during an interview with Vic Blend in ‘Deep Cut’, the legend decided to address another very interesting topic within the whole era of dominance by Mahomes.

Tom Brady has a favorite to win his first Super Bowl (Getty Images)

Tom Brady has a favorite to win his first Super Bowl (Getty Images)

Who will be the next quarterback to win his first Super Bowl?

In addition to hinting that he could come out of retirement, Tom Brady also took the time to explain who will be the quarterback to win his first Super Bowl in the short term.

“I like Josh Allen a lot. I think he’s…I think I would pick Josh. Yeah. I like Josh a lot like as a guy and as a leader. But you know, he has got to get past the Chiefs and that’s hard because Patrick (Mahomes) is incredible in the way he leads that team.”