Tom Brady is sort of the LeBron James of the NFL, but not for the reasons you may think. It has nothing to do with his durability or how he's stayed relevant for two decades. No, I mean it from a 'Player-GM' standpoint.

For years, James has chosen most of his teammates as if he were playing a pick-up game. People around the league joke and call him 'LeGM', claiming he even gets his teammates traded when things go south.

Brady may not be as ruthless in that regard, but he's still helped his teams sign superstars at a discount. Why? Well, because they know playing for him guarantees them a legit shot at a Super Bowl ring.

NFL News: Tom Brady Says Players Don't Join The Buccaneers Because Of Him

But Brady is quite humble in that regard. When recently asked about his recruiting skills and Julio Jones' signing, he claimed that the stars choose to join the Bucs because of the organization, not him:

"Naturally, I'm an older player, and I've been very fortunate to know a lot of guys," Brady said, per ProFootballTalk. "Guys choose this team because of the team, not because of me. We have a great organization, great teammates, and I think people are excited to come join a great group of people, a great group of men. It's never about one person. That isn't ever what this sport is about. It's the ultimate team sport. I love playing with players that are professional, players that want to work hard, and players that put the team first."

One could say that Brady has had an 'easier' path to glory thanks to that well-documented list of top-notch teammates. But would they even consider teaming up with him if it wasn't for his winning nature, work ethic, and leadership? At the end of the day, he makes them as great as they make him.