Few rookie quarterbacks have been able to reach 1,000 passing yards in four weeks, but the AFC has a rookie who is not only playing his first season but is poised to set new records.

When Patrick Mahomes was a rookie, his first year was impressive, as was Brock Purdy’s (no longer a rookie), who is playing his first season as a starter after impressing everyone in 2022.

But not everything is easy for most rookie quarterbacks. Some are talented, but their defensive and offensive lines are a disaster, especially those in franchises that are going through a rebuilding process.

Which rookie will reach 1,000 passing yards in Week 4?

According to NFL stats and Pro Football Reference, the rookie who could reach 1,000 passing yards in Week 4 is CJ Stroud of the Houston Texans. After Week 3, he has 906 passing yards and 4 touchdowns.

He is not only the best rookie in the current season, but he is also the youngest starter among all the veterans and other young quarterbacks. In addition, he is leading a franchise that was sunk a couple of seasons ago.

What does CJ Stroud need to win the Rookie of the Year Award?

To win the Rookie of the Year award in the NFL, a player must typically have a statistically outstanding season, make a significant impact on their team’s success, and play in a lot of games. In addition to these factors, voters may also consider other factors such as the player’s versatility, leadership, and overall athleticism.