As the days go by, it looks like Russell Wilson is closer to an exit than a reconciliation with the Seattle Seahawks, his first and only team in the NFL. The talented quarterback is reportedly unhappy with the franchise and the little protection he gets on the field and wants things to change or he will try to find another challenge in the league. 

The 32-year-old has been linked with a series of teams in recent days but his camp has apparently identified the best destinations for this guy to continue his career at the highest level of play. 

Wilson has big desires for his career, he wants to win titles, he wants to emulate and surpass what Tom Brady has done and that hasn’t been possible in Seattle. A lot of people think the Seahawks are responsible for that and everybody wants to guess where the player is heading next. 

Russell Wilson’s camp favoring a move to Saints, Jets, Raiders, and Dolphins 

According to The Athletic, Russ’ camp has reportedly identified the best four destinations for the player, naming very interesting squads that would welcome the player with open arms in case the Hawks decide to part ways with him. Which are those teams? The Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, New Orleans Saints, and Las Vegas Raiders.

That Monday (after the Super Bowl), CBS’ Jason La Canfora tweeted that “Russell Wilson’s camp” was frustrated with his pass protection and called it “a situation worth monitoring.” The next day, Wilson went on “The Dan Patrick Show” and said he wanted to be more involved with the organization. He was asked about the almost 400 times he has been sacked over his nine-year career: “That’s a big thing that we gotta fix, that’s gotta be fixed.” He brought up Brady, a player whose status he craves, and the play of Tampa Bay’s offensive line in the Super Bowl: “He wasn’t touched really.” Several times he mentioned his “legacy,” as well as his goal to play 10 to 15 more years, just like Brady.

On a Zoom call with Seattle reporters that same day, Wilson was asked if he was frustrated with the Seahawks. “I’m frustrated with getting hit too much,” he said. Ex-Seahawk Brandon Marshall said Wilson was “beyond frustrated” with the team and added that Wilson “is trying to figure out how to move on in a classy way.” Patrick echoed the QB’s desire for urgency and, citing a source, said the “current situation is unsustainable.” By then, La Canfora had even listed possible trade destinations for Wilson: the Raiders, Dolphins, Saints, and Jets among them.

Russell Wilson’s reported favorite teams to play next in the NFL 

ESPN’s insider Adam Schefter added more details to this situation, clarifying that Wilson hasn’t asked for a trade yet but he doesn’t see with bad eyes landing in a different city. In fact, there are four teams where he would like to play: Cowboys, Saints, Raiders, and Bears. 

This is one of the hottest situations in the NFL right now. He hasn’t requested a trade like Deshaun Watson but Wilson could be doing it soon if he doesn’t see any sign of improvement within the organization.