Well, ok, enough is enough. Neither Nick Foles nor Mitch Trubisky has proven to be worthy of being a starting quarterback in the NFL anymore, let alone for such a historical franchise like the Chicago Bears.

And, while Matt Nagy's playcalling has been nothing short of terrible, the team's quarterbacks haven't done anything to put them in a position to win games. I think I speak for everybody else when I say that we don't need to see any more of them to realize that they're simply not good.

The Bears have a solid defense, a nice receiving corps, and a rich tradition and history. It's time for them to finally get over the hump and contend again, and that's why they must do whatever it takes to land a new starting quarterback.

So, taking a look at the guys that could be available via trade or the upcoming free-agency class, let's take a look at the top 5 quarterbacks they should try and pursue to replace Foles and Trubisky in 2021.

5. Dwayne Haskins

Haskins attended Ohio State University. (Getty)

Let's face it Dwayne Haskins isn't going to take another snap for the Washington Football Team, but it's still pretty early to give up on him. He's still raw and needs to take better care of the football, but he's got the athleticism and physical traits to be an NFL quarterback.

The best part of Haskins is that he could be available at an affordable price and that he's still pretty young so even if there's a learning curve ahead of him, he could still turn out to be pretty solid, or at least better than what they have right now.

4. Jameis Winston

Winston made the Pro Bowl in 2015. (Getty)

Jameis Winston tried to revive his career with the New Orleans Saints and failed but he's just 26 years old. There's no denying the former 1st-overall pick's talent, even if you never know what version of him you'll find.

Winston piled up turnovers at a historical rate during his 5 years as a starter but he's had enough time to learn and grow through his mistakes, and he can't be worse than Foles and Trubisky. At least he can throw the ball 15 yards downfield.

3. Marcus Mariota

Mariota went 2nd overall in 2015. (Getty)

While Marcus Mariota's career didn't get off to the start we all thought he'd have, he's far from a bust. Under the right system, he could still be the dual-threat, efficient passer he was during his days at Oregon.

Mariota is young and will be a free agent after next season so he could be available at a fair price. He was average during his time with the Tennesee Titans but he rarely made mistakes and is still pretty young as well.

2. Baker Mayfield

Mayfield was a Heisman winner. (Getty)

This one's kind of tricky, because the Cleveland Browns have shown no intention to move Baker Mayfield whatsoever. None the less, the word around the league is that he could be available if a team is willing to hand them an appealing offer.

Mayfield hasn't lived up to the expectations thus far but he's shown glimpses of greatness from time to time. Perhaps, all he needs is a change of environment away from the ever-struggling Browns.

1. Sam Darnold

Darnold is just 23 years old. (Getty)

Well, let's not kid ourselves here, folks. The New York Nets are blatantly tanking to land Trevor Lawrence in the upcoming NFL draft and it's hard to blame them. But that doesn't mean that Sam Darnold doesn't have a future in this league.

Darnold's biggest issue has been his proneness to miss games but when healthy, he's shown interesting things given the context of a poorly coached team with little weapons. With Lawrence on board, the Jets could look to move him and the Bears would be wise to swoop in.