The 2022 NFL season generates excitement and the feeling of a mission to accomplish for the San Francisco 49ers, and that is to spare their fans the pain of going 20 years without celebrating a Super Bowl win. To do so, the quarterback position will be key. What a responsibility Trey Lance has.

In the golden era of the 49ers, in the eighties and part of the nineties, the team was characterized by the confidence and drive of key men and legends that made it one of the winningest franchises in NFL history, with names like Joe Montana and Steve Young.

Facing the upcoming NFL season, this historic position of the San Francisco 49ers will be occupied by the still rookie Trey Lance, who was selected in the first round of the 2021 draft, which generated a lot of expectation about him, which in a way was fulfilled when he came very close to the Super Bowl after falling to the current champions Los Angeles Rams.

Trey Lance receives vote of confidence from Steve Young

It will always be important for a high-performance athlete to feel supported, and even more so when that support comes from one of the legends of the team he or she plays for. That's the feeling Trey Lance must be feeling after San Francisco legend Steve Young asked for confidence in his potential for what's to come in the NFL.

So, Trey as a young player actually is processing as well as anybody. He can understand what’s happening, and he can get to the opening. He can figure out who it is. And that’s a real talent. It’s not easy, and that’s just not given — there’s a real skill there. I have 100 percent confidence that Trey will figure out where to throw it. The challenge for Trey is once he knows, then how to deliver it, and that’s another great talent that you have to have and develop.”, stated Young during the annual Dwight Clark Legacy Series according to NBC Sports.

And capping off Young's confidence in Lance is his definition of the former North Dakota State player's talent: "He's incredibly raw, and we're going to see his development. There's not going to be a part of his development as a player that's going to happen anywhere else..... We're going to see it all. We've all invested in him, and we're committed for the long term."