The season has demonstrated some remarkable passing offenses, led by standout quarterbacks. These players are crucial in determining a team’s overall success, but even more when assessing the passing game exclusively. Surprisingly, some of these high-performing offenses don’t necessarily have widely recognized star quarterbacks.

Leading the pack are the Miami Dolphins, who have emerged as the undisputed leaders in the passing game. They command the league in total offense, averaging an impressive 462.3 yards per game. This season, they have exploded with a healthy Tua Tagovailoa leading the way and utilizing speedy wide receivers.

The Dolphins currently stand atop the passing charts, averaging 300 passing yards per game, making them the only team to reach this milestone after seven matchups. Their most impressive performance came in week 1 against the Chargers, where they passed for an astonishing 466 yards.

Less Stellar Quarterbacks Have Led Great Passing Offenses

Moving on to the next team, the Kansas City Chiefs boast the second-best passing offense entering week 8, with an average of 285.4 passing yards per game, guided by the talented Patrick Mahomes.

In the third spot, we find a team led by a quarterback who perhaps doesn’t receive the credit he deserves. The Minnesota Vikings rank highly, averaging 280 passing yards per game, thanks to a great version of Kirk Cousins.

The Buffalo Bills have improved after their Thursday Night Football victory, but before week 8 commenced, the fourth spot belonged to a team that doesn’t rely on a star player. The Detroit Lions reaffirmed their candidacy led by Jared Goff, averaging 258.6 passing yards per game.

SURVEY Should the Vikings continue with Cousins after this season?

Should the Vikings continue with Cousins after this season?


As for the fifth position in this ranking, the most surprising presence are the Houston Texans. They have exceeded expectations with their passing game led by rookie quarterback CJ Stroud, averaging 258.5 passing yards per game.

Who Has the Highest Scoring Offense?

The Dolphins have the highest scoring offense with 34.3 points per game.