For Tom Brady it’s about being the best, even if that means losing an early season game in the young NFL season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were barely edged by the Green Bay Packers 14-12 last week.

The week before the Buccaneers defeated the Saints 20-10, still for Brady there are signs of offensive struggles, of which the Buccaneers have 51 points for, not the lowest offensive output but nothing staggering either.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion spoke to the media and gave his thoughts on what the situation could be while praising his defensive line for holding the fort and helping the team get two clutch wins.

Tom Brady on Buccaneers offense

"I certainly expect and hope we can score more points than we've been scoring. I think we're all disappointed… (Opponents) keeping us in every game," Tom Brady said and finished by stating, "there's nobody that points fingers"


If the Buccaneers continue to get victories while they answer these offensive questions, then the team should be sitting pretty, their next game is against the Kansas City Chiefs, a tall order as the Chiefs are also 2-1 but with a bigger offensive output and a great quarterback.