When it comes to infamous people and especially infamous athletes, there's no one who tops OJ Simpson. Simpson has been on the wrong side of justice a couple of times, and while he managed to avoid jail for murder, he was later convicted for a different felony. Now that he's out, there aren't many people who want to take a picture with him. Then again, the former NFL star doesn't seem to care about what people think and is constantly voicing his thoughts and making fun of his situation on social media.

His antics were in full display a couple of days ago, as he took to Instagram and Twitter to give his insight and thoughts on one of the two things that he's more familiar with: a legal procedure.

'Juice' shared some jokes about former President Donald Trump's situation and his impeachment, claiming that he's glad that there's something to watch on TV now that the football season is over.

OJ Simpson Gives Donald Trump Some Legal Advice

Then, the former Buffalo Bill shared some advice with Trump, saying that the reason why we haven't heard of him lately is that, according to lawyers, he must remain silent if he has any kind of criminal liability:

“A couple of my friends asked me. Why haven’t we heard from Donald?’ I’ve had some of the best lawyers in the world. And the one thing they made clear to me, any time you have any criminal liability, you should just shut up and be quiet. And I assume because of that advice (…) has Donald doing what he should be doing," he said.

While this may sound funny for some, it's yet another evidence of Simpson mocking the legal system. At least, most people know what he did and will never forget or forgive his infamous situation.