Just when they thought their quarterback woes were a thing of the past, the Indianapolis Colts were dealt a massive blow. Carson Wentz is expected to miss 5-12 weeks after suffering a foot injury, so he's obviously due to miss most of - if not all - the NFL season.

The Colts have put together a competitive squad but have struggled to find someone to lead their offense since Andrew Luck shockingly retired, starting Scott Tolzien, Jacoby Brissett, and Philip Rivers.

And, while Tolziend and Brissett weren't good enough and Luck isn't coming back, it seems like they could still count on Rivers, as the former Los Angeles Chargers great hasn't ruled out making a comeback.

Philip Rivers Not Closing The Door Of A Comeback

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. While Rivers admitted that he's not sure about whether he'll come back or not, he still said that he wouldn't be ready to play right away even though he's been working out:

“I’m not predicting I will play in December or January, for that matter,” Rivers told the Los Angeles Times, as quoted by Pro Football Talk. “One, you’ve got to have somebody who wants you, and two, it’s got to be right. But I have not completely ruled that out.”

“I’m not quite there,” Rivers admitted. “I’m getting back there. I wouldn’t have made weight if I had to report last week, that’s for sure. But I am getting back into the lifting and running, and shoot, I occasionally throw a ball around out here in this heat. It’s not too hard to get a good lather going.”

Rivers' tenure with the Colts was far from successful. He was pedestrian at best and failed to move the chains. But I'd much rather have a future Hall of Famer coming out of retirement than scrambling to find a replacement for Wentz.