You can't think of Rob Gronkowski before thinking of Tom Brady and vice versa. Together, they've created one of the greatest duos in National Football League history, winning 4 Super Bowls and torching defenses for over a decade.

Even before his comeback, Gronk had put together a Hall of Famer résumé. He's got a strong case for being the greatest tight end of all time ahead of Tony Gonzalez, Shannon Sharpe, Antonio Gates, and other legends of the game.

Needless to say, a lot of the credit should go to Brady. That's why on a recent interview, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers superstar tried to explain the bond and chemistry they've developed on the gridiron.

Gronk Says Brady Always Knows What He's Thinking

“Being together for so long - he claims when we’re throwing routes that he knows already what I’m thinking, before I even know what I’m thinking,” Gronk said on NFL Network. “So I’m like, if that’s the case, we don’t have to say a single word to each other, if he already knows what I’m thinking. But I really think he does sometimes.”

Gronk Is Impressed Of Brady's Durability

Being someone who knows how difficult is it to stay healthy, the former New England Patriots star also lauded Brady's durability and how he's managed to stay at the top of the game after all these years. 

“I met him when he was 32 years old, when I was 20 years old, and he hasn’t had a single drop off since I’ve met him. He’s never lost the throwing power, he’s never lost his skills,” the tight end said. “This guy has it every single day, week in and week out, game in and game out. The way he’s playing, he’s never had a drop off in his career, since the day I met him.”

Now, Brady and Gronk will pursue their fifth Vince Lombardi trophy together. And, while it may seem crazy, it feels like they could still have a couple more shots at a Super Bowl ring before retiring.