Russell Wilson might be the new quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers according to a controversial statement made by Chad Ochocinco. It all happened during an appearance in ‘Nightcap’ alongside Shannon Sharpe.

Although Sharpe questioned the former Bengals’ wide receiver on his take because of the latest odds which point out Justin Fields as favorite to land with the Steelers, Ochocinco trusts his sources. “A little birdie told me, and I said this many shows ago, Russell Wilson’s coming on over to the Steelers.”

If Mike Tomlin decides to sign Wilson, it would be a shocking move in the NFL. After the retirement of Ben Roethlisberger, the Pittsburgh Steelers haven’t found their franchise quarterback, but, they seemed totally committed to Kenny Pickett.

Who will be the starting quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2024?

According to Art Rooney II and Mike Tomlin, Kenny Pickett would be the starting quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2024. However, both guaranteed they’ll sign a veteran to bring competition.

A few days ago, Ryan Tannehill was rumored to be an option and now Russell Wilson has joined the debate thanks to Chad Ochocinco. It’s important to remember head coach Sean Payton already showed the ‘exit door’ to Wilson in Denver.

Right now, Wilson is under contract with the Denver Broncos, but, even facing a massive salary cap hit on dead money, Payton has made his final decision. The big question is if they’ll release him or if a trade might be in the works.

In 2023, Pickett was in his second year with the Steelers. However, an ankle injury against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 13 ended his season. Mitch Trubisky was a complete failure as backup and, in a surprising turn of events, Mason Rudolph came in to lead Pittsburgh to the playoffs as the No.7 seed in the AFC.

Considering Mike Tomlin has no Super Bowl wins in 15 years, Pickett is on the clock to deliver. That’s why, the presence of veterans like Russell Wilson or Ryan Tannehill in training camp, might give the head coach that answer he is been looking for to finally take the next step.