No one can beat Father Time. Not even the greatest players of all time. That's why it's not a surprise to see that Ben Roethlisberger has struggled to lead the Pittsburgh Steelers as he was used to doing it earlier in his career.

Big Ben is set to enter his 18th campaign in the league. He's done it all and won it all and it's not like he has anything left to prove at this point in his career, yet he refuses to call it a day and hang up the cleats.

You can't win in the NFL unless you have solid play from your quarterback and some Steelers fans are concerned about Roethlisberger entering the season. Nonetheless, Cam Heyward has strong faith in his ability to carry the load this year.

Cam Heyward Says Ben Roethlisberger Can Still Lead Them

“We know he’s an explosive quarterback that can throw the ball all over the field. But I think around [him], we’ve just got to be complementary, whether it’s on offense, defense, special teams," Heyward said on NFL Network.

“Ben’s still got the goods," Heyward added. "Anyone that tells you otherwise, they haven’t really looked at football. You give that guy a good running game and tell him he doesn’t have to throw the ball 50, 60 times, he’s going to be that much more dangerous, and I think we’re looking forward to that. It’s going to be pretty good, longevity-wise, if he wants to keep playing.”

Big Ben struggled with an injury two years ago and wasn't the same accurate dart-thrower he used to be last season. Then again, he's got the talent and the experience to at least put together one more playoff run before retiring. Also, it's not like he's got any competition for the starting quarterback job right now, and the running game hasn't been exactly helpful either.