Deshaun Watson's legal situation is far from done and still quite complicated. But even so, he still might get what he wants. While currently unable to suit up and play in the NFL, the Houston Texans could still grant him his wish of being traded.

Despite Watson's unavailability at this moment, there's still plenty of interest in his services. He's got a no-trade clause in his $150+ million contract, so all pieces would have to fall in place before getting a deal done.

And, judging by what Texans CEO Cal McNair said during the Texans' second annual Founder's Day at the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge, there's still a chance that they move on from their star quarterback rather sooner than later.

NFL News: Texans CEO Cal McNair Says The Team Will 'Wait And See' Before Trading Deshaun Watson Away

"We'll just wait and see," McNair said, as quoted by SportsTalk. "It's a day-to-day thing. Nick (Caserio) is in charge of that, so we'll see how that works out." Also, when asked about whether Watson would be traded before the November 2 deadline, he just grimaced and said "I have no idea."

Obviously, this doesn't say a lot, but it's not like he could openly say that they want to trade Watson. At least, it seems like they're finally considering the thought of a future without the Clemson product. 

Texans Are Softening Their Stance On Trading Watson

"ICYMI! On Sunday I shared that the Texans stance on trading Deshaun Watson has softened where they weren’t even returning calls from teams in camp. That has changed. As for teams, to me Miami makes the most sense and probably has the best chance to pull it off IF a deal gets done," said NFL insider Jay Glazer.

“They weren’t open to trade talks unless somebody was going to give them a ridiculous trade offer. More than six draft picks. They’ve already been offered three one’s and three three’s,” Glazer added. “Wanted more than that. However I was told that this past week, their stance started to soften a little bit with that.”


When available, there's no denying that Watson is one of the most impactful gunslingers in the National Football League. The big question is whether he'll be able to play at some point this season after all.