Other than being the greatest NFL quarterback to ever live, Tom Brady is known for being a funny man. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' signal-caller has been very active on social media recently, calling out his doubters, making fun of himself and more. 

More recently, he took to Twitter to join some kind of trend with pop superstar Justin Bieber, remembering old times, where he wasn’t the 43-year-old dominating 20-something quarterbacks in the Super Bowl

Well, when JB decided to post a throwback picture of himself, Brady thought to do the same and it’s fair to say he nailed it. The veteran player is trying to have fun in the next months before the league returns to action and he seems to be doing just fine. 

Tom Brady trolls Justin Bieber with throwback photo 

The Canadian singer shared this pic with the caption ‘your boy’, which caught the attention of Brady. He didn’t miss his chance and quoted Bieber’s tweet with his own photo, using the same caption as the young man. 

TB12 is trying to kill some time while he returns to the field with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, his new team in the league and the defending NFL champions since February 7. He’s ready to continue his dominance in the competition and the rest of the league will try to find a way to dismantle this man and his good team.