It seems like a week doesn't go by in the National Football League without some controversy. From Aaron Rodgers to Deshaun Watson to any kind of scandal, this league is always giving a lot to talk about.

Recently, some people have questioned whether Tim Tebow should have gotten another shot at the league after nearly a decade away from the game, citing that he's taking a roster spot from a young player and even comparing him to Dez Byrant and other African American players.

Nonetheless, it seems like the Jacksonville Jaguars are just thrilled to have him on the team. Even the rookie star Trevor Lawrence recently told ProFootballTalk that he's been quite a good addition to their roster.

Trevor Lawrence Says Tim Tebow Is In Great Shape

“I can say he’s in great shape.” Lawrence started. “You can tell he’s been working getting ready for an opportunity if he gets one. Like I said, you can tell he’s ready. He’s really smart. I think that it helps that he played quarterback for a number of years and learned a few different systems. Now learning a new system at tight end is probably a little bit less as far as the learning curve just because he’s just learning the tight end position now. He’s great from that standpoint. I think just what he brings to the team, that’s just a guy you want to be around. Great character, super hard worker. Just does things the right way. Those are the first initial impressions for me.”

“It’s funny, we were sitting there in the facility eating lunch up above kind of in the stadium and it pops up on the big Jumbotron, ‘Breaking news, Tim Tebow’s signing with Jacksonville'. We knew this was a possibility just from what we’ve seen but we weren’t sure. That was the first time I met him was last week. We’ve had three practices together now. It’s been great," he concluded.

At the end of the day, Tebow isn't to blame for the chances he's getting. We've all seen how the league works and this shouldn't be surprising, but at least the guy is putting in 110% effort to get his career back from the ground.