Trevor Lawrence has sparked a big controversy before Sunday’s game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The young quarterback is under fire after his comments about the famous Terrible Towel.

“I know what they are. The little yellow towels they swing around. I’m excited. It’s definitely one to check-off the list. Playing in cool stadiums and historic places. Obviously, Pittsburgh, their whole organization has like an aura around it.”

Though the rising NFL star didn’t have any intention to mock the Terrible Towel, Steelers’ fans are just ready to show Lawrence what they’re all about. However, the Jaguars’ player showed nothing but respect.

“They’ve had great players and great teams. You always know what kind of team Pittsburgh’s gonna have. Every year. Super physical, great defense, their offense is playing really well. You know what you’re gonna get.”

What did Trevor Lawrence say about the Terrible Towel in Pittsburgh?

Beyond referring to the Terrible Towel as the “little yellow towels”, the reality is that Trevor Lawrence didn’t say much more about it, and his tone doesn’t seem to have been mocking at all.

Nevertheless, the Terrible Towel is practically a cult object in Pittsburgh and that’s why Lawrence will face a really tough environment on the road. Here’s another example of how Trevor just kept praising the Steelers.

“Coach Tomlin is obviously doing a great job there. I’m excited to play over there. We’ve played in some hostile environments like Kansas City or New Orleans. I think those are up there and this will be another one. It will be a challenge.”

What is the Terrible Towel?

The Terrible Towel is a famous object associated with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The tower is yellow with black letters and is frequently used to rally around the team. It’s the greatest item to show support and passion.

The text reads “Myron Cope’s Official The Terrible Towel”. Myron Cope was a longtime Steelers radio broadcaster who came up with the idea for the Terrible Towel.

The Terrible Towel has been a symbol of fan support and team unity for the Pittsburgh Steelers since its creation in 1975. It is waved by fans at games and has become an iconic symbol of the team. The tradition of waving the towel is often associated with bringing good luck and has become an integral part of Steelers fandom at home or on the road.

What is the curse of the Terrible Towel?

During the last years, many players have mocked the Terrible Towel and ended up losing against the Steelers. The Chargers did it in 1995 when they won the AFC Championship Game at Pittsburgh and ended up losing the Super Bowl with the 49ers in a blowout.

In 2005, the Bengals won a regular season game 38-31 at Heinz Field. After the victory, wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh decided to clean his dirty cleats with a Terrible Towel. A few weeks later, the Steelers eliminated them in the playoffs at Cincinnati.