The Super Bowl is the last game at the end of the NFL season, 28 franchises have played in the big game but only twenty teams won the ring. The first team to win a Super Bowl was the Green Bay Packers and the first team to lose a Super Bowl was the Kansas City Chiefs.

Losing in a big game is the worst thing that can happen to an NFL team, especially after a winning season and playing as a favorite. That was what the New England Patriots suffered twice against the New York Giants, a total humiliation.

But losers also have a special place in history since losing a Super Bowl teaches teams about offensive and defensive line issues and how they can fix them next season.

What are the NFL teams close to the 0-5 Super Bowl record?

Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings lost four times in a Super Bowl, the Vikings lost for the first time in 1970 against the Chiefs and another three times in 1973, 1974 and 1976. The case of the Bills is worse, they have the longest losing streak with four losses from 1990 to 1993.

Another team that is close to the 0-5 record is the Cincinnati Bengals at 0-3, they lost to the Los Angeles Rams in 2022, and the Bengals and Bills are likely to make it to the 2023 Super Bowl as they have good rosters.