It's time to celebrate for the Los Angeles Rams after tasting the ultimate glory on Sunday, when they got the upper hand over the Cincinnati Bengals at home on Super Bowl LVI. However, they'll have to start thinking about next season soon.

The championship is still too recent so it might be hard for them to worry about anything else right now, but some situations may require a bit of attention. Besides Odell Beckham Jr's serious injury, Aaron Donald could step away from the game

Or at least that was reported shortly before the Super Bowl, claiming that the pass rusher would retire if he won the ring. Donald didn't give a clear answer after the game, but Von Miller predicts that the victory could have an 'addictive' effect.

Von Miller anticipates Aaron Donald that winning a Super Bowl can be 'addictive'

Donald's future will possibly be an intriguing topic until he gives a more clarifying answer. However, Von Miller believes that this Super Bowl win will only fuel him to extend his career. And he can tell for his own experience.

I don’t know, man. He’s done everything you can possibly do,” Von Miller said, as quoted by Pro Football Talk. But this feeling here, there’s nothing like it. It’s addictive. Once you feel this — coming to the Super Bowl is one thing. But winning it is different. And we’ll just have to see.

“He’s done so much. But I’ll tell you, this feeling is great. It just makes you want it more and more and more. But he’s definitely capped off a great career, if he chooses to do that. But this is an addictive feeling and I can’t see him walking away from this.

Von Miller is full of praise for Donald's commitment

He’s different, man. He’s the truth, man,” Miller said. He does everything well. He never turns it off — on the football field, off the football field, in the locker room. Flying on the plane. To games flying on the plane, away from games. Working out. In meetings. He’s the same guy. He was determined for this moment. It feels good to be a part of this win for him.”

Considering the love for the game he has, it may seem hard to believe that Donald is already willing to call it a caree. Von Miller explains that winning a Super Bowl can only give one a bigger desire to go after another ring. And if someone knows a thing or two about that feeling is him.