Few hours left before the big Sunday Night Football Game and Tom Brady seems to be totally ready for this big game. This is a game between the two conferences, American and National, but beyond being a game, it will be a special mark in NFL history.

Tom Brady will not only face his old team, but will also show the world that his age is not a limitation to play and break all records. Brady will return to Gillette Stadium after leaving for the Buccaneers a year ago.

All the big networks, ESPN, CBS, NBC and others have been fueling the intensity of the game for Sunday, not only because of the historical importance it has, but also because of the publicity and how easy it is to win on social networks promoting the game between Belichick and Brady.

Tom Brady shows with a video that he is ready for the big day

If Tom Brady is ready, the team is ready too, and to prove it, Tom Brady uploaded a video on his personal Instagram showing all his personal achievements since the day he was recruited as a player by the New England Patriots.

It's an animated video, with detailed graphics showing Tom Brady's entire transition from a rookie with little hope of becoming someone in the NFL to the present where he has seven Super Bowl Rings.

The video was shared on all social networks, but one of the most interesting things about the video is the comments, people like LeBron James, rapper Diddy and other celebrities in and out of the sport industry left their comments supporting Brady for his game against the Patriots.