The Super Bowl rings are part of the big game prizes, all the winning team players get a ring at the end of the game. But winning more than two or three rings in a life as a football player is not easy, few players have won more than one Super Bowl in their lives as pros in the NFL. Only Tom Brady has been able to win a total of seven rings as a quarterback for the Patriots and Buccaneers.

The Super Bowl is the big game at the end of the NFL Season and only two teams play after going through all the hard schedule of the regular season, wild card round, divisional round and conference championship. The ring is like a shiny little award as part of the Lombardi trophy.

It is not a matter of luck to win multiple rings, it is a teamwork that goes from defense to offensive play, but in the end the player who will be most remembered is the quarterback since they are the main protagonists in a Super Bowl.

Who is the NFL player with the most super bowl rings?

Tom Brady is the only NFL player with a hand full of rings with a total of seven super bowl rings, his last ring was won during Super Bowl 55 as a quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Most of Tom Brady's rings were won with the New England Patriots.

Are quarterbacks the only players with multiple super bowl rings?

No, apart from Tom Brady, other players at different positions have won more than two rings without being quarterbacks. One of them is Charles Haley, he played 13 seasons in the NFL and won 5 super bowl rings with the 49ers and Cowboys, Haley played as linebacker. Another important player to note who did not play as quarterback is Adam Vinatieri with four rings, three with the Patriots and one with the Colts. But also making the list are a handful of players from the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team's offensive and defensive lines, who won four super bowls between 1974 and 1979.

What is the team with the most super bowl championships?

The New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers are tied for first in the top super bowls winning franchises, but the Steelers have an advantage against the Patriots, as they won six of eight super bowls, while the Patriots won only six of eleven super bowls championships.