Being a fan of the most passionate sport in the world has advantages, such as being able to enjoy it anywhere in the world due to its universality. However, it also brings complications, such as wanting to book accommodation for Qatar 2022 and that due to the high demand there is no longer availability in the official agency's accommodations. What to do in this situation?

The Middle East will witness a veritable exodus of soccer fans to its territory, which has never before in history hosted a FIFA World Cup. Millions of people from all over the world are expected to attend the 27-day tournament.

So, although the Qatar 2022 organizing committee has repeatedly mentioned that there will be enough accommodation options in the official agency, the reality is that their availability is not something entirely controllable, so, here, know what other options would be left to stay during the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

Official accommodation options for Qatar 2022

Fortunately, the accommodation options offered by the official agency of the upcoming FIFA World Cup look fantastic. They have a variety to suit all tastes and economic possibilities. On the other hand, there's the unfortunate fact of high demand that could cause availability to be insufficient due to high demand.

So, in case you want to hurry to book accommodation in them, you can do it through the following page. The options range from the traditional hotel with its variety of rooms and the rental of Apartments & Villas to feel at home in Qatar 2022, to the Fan Village that promises a nurturing experience of cultural exchange to the luxury of the Cruiser Ship Hotels.

Is there still availability to stay in the options offered by the official agency of Qatar 2022?

According to the official website where you can learn more about the options to stay at the upcoming FIFA World Cup, the availability to do so is still valid, for now. So far, only most of the hotels belonging to the official lodging agency are shown as unavailable. No further details of the Fan Village have been released and both the Cruise Ship Hotels and the Apartments & Villas can still be booked without any problem.

Alternative accommodation options for the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

First of all, there are two options for accommodation in Qatar 2022 that come to light when it comes to looking for alternatives other than the official ones. Obviously, without some of the advantages of staying in the official agency options, but completely suitable to fulfill the main purpose for which they are sought: to provide a comfortable and safe place to spend the night after the days of intense soccer excitement. 

Private apartments

The first option is to rent a private apartment through the various online platforms that already exist in the market. Through the most popular one, Airbnb, you can find some options to stay during the dates when the upcoming FIFA World Cup will take place. Altogether, there are no more than 13 options, however, there is a big obstacle: the price.

The most affordable price is approximately US$450 per night. And given the low supply and high demand, the rate could increase, especially as less time is left before the start of Qatar 2022 and availability could vanish. Thus, the most ostentatious price for one of these private apartments is 4 thousand dollars per night. 

It is worth mentioning that distance would not be a problem to venture into booking one of these apartments. The furthest of all is 40 kilometers (about half an hour) away from the center of Doha, so with good time management, a fan could travel to the games for which he or she has access tickets.


True, it is the least glamorous option of all, but at the same time, if it were the only one available to enjoy Qatar 2022, it would be almost impossible not to consider it. Hostels are usually typified for young people with an adventurous and sociable spirit, because privacy in them is minimal. 

Thus, there are at least ten hostel accommodation options on the following website. Many of them have the option of renting entire rooms for families to at least guarantee some privacy during the night. This is not the case for the use of common areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, which are usually shared. 

There are two pieces of good news for those who venture into these hostels: location and price. The farthest of them is 7 kilometers away from the center of Doha, so there would be no difficulty to move to the 8 stadiums where the 64 matches of Qatar 2022 will be held.

Regarding the price of alternative or different hostels to the accommodation options of the official agency of the upcoming FIFA World Cup, they may well invite you to put aside for a moment the comfort and privacy in order to fulfill the dream of being in Qatar 2022. The highest rate is US$171 per night.