After a long wait, the World Cup Qualifiers are finally over, following the Inter-Continental Playoffs. The 32 National Teams that will compete for the glory of world soccer in Qatar 2022 are now known. The outlook for managers, players, media and fans is now clear.

The last ones to board the boat that sails on November 20 were Wales, Australia and Costa Rica, who made up groups B, D and E of Qatar 2022, where teams such as England, France, Spain and Germany were already waiting for them. 

Now, the only thing left to do is to rub your hands together with the exquisite dishes that will be served for 28 days, during which the world will talk about nothing else but soccer. Below, you will find the matches that are expected to be the most vibrant and eye-catching of the group stage of the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Bon appetit!

The group stage of Qatar 2022

Of the 64 matches that make up the upcoming FIFA World Cup, more than half are already known, the 48 matches of the Group stage. This phase of the world's most prestigious tournament will take place continuously, without a break, from November 20 to December 2.

During these 11 days of non-stop soccer action, soccer lovers will receive a daily dose of 4 matches to quench their thirst for action and excitement. It is advisable that you reserve a space in your agenda so that you do not miss any of the most striking duels of this phase of Qatar 2022.

Sunday, November 20 - Qatar vs Ecuador

In order to enjoy a good action movie, you must be sure to watch it from the beginning. Thus, in order to understand the whole Qatar 2022, it is essential that you do not miss the beginning, and this is the clash between the local team and the Ecuadorian one. 

Wednesday, November 23 - Belgium vs Canada

Belgium's golden generation is now in full maturity: if for some reason they fail to make a splash at Qatar 2022, it looks unlikely that bright names like Thibaut Courtois, Romelu Lukaku, Eden Hazard, and Kevin de Bruyne will be able to do so later on. Facing them, the surprising Canada, which returns to a World Cup 36 years later and wants to confirm that its potential is high not only at the CONCACAF level.

Thursday, November 24 - Brazil vs Serbia

If there is a saying in world soccer, it is "Brazil will always be Brazil". In any context, watching the Canarinha will be an eye-catcher. And if it is in a World Cup, and with Alisson Becker, Thiago Silva, Vinicius and Neymar Jr, even better.  The dish is complemented by one of the most in-form teams in Europe, which won its place in Qatar 2022 thanks to the magic of Dusan Vlahovic, Aleksandr Mitrovic, Luka Jovic, Dusan Tadic and company.

Friday, November 25 - England vs USMNT

History buffs could not be more pleased with the clash between the English and Americans. There will be plenty of passion when the Harry Kane-led team takes on Christian Pulisic's gang. The record of the two previous World Cup encounters favors the USMNT: a win and a draw. 

Saturday, November 26 - Argentina vs Mexico

While common sense dictates that a two-time world champion taking on a good team that has never been more than an entertainer is no guarantee of a show, the clash between the Argentines and Mexicans will begin off the field: in the stands. Two of the most passionate and dedicated fans will face each other again in a World Cup. Qatar 2022 will be the fourth game between these teams, with a brutally favorable outcome for the South Americans.

Sunday, November 27 - Spain vs Germany

The last cult team to deliver national team soccer faces one of the winningest teams in the history of the FIFA World Cup. As if that were not enough, Spain vs. Germany will be a parade of absolutely elite players in a context that will force them to leave the field. Exquisite!

Monday, November 28 - Portugal vs Uruguay

This duel will be a rematch of the battles that took place in the knockout phase of the last FIFA World Cup in 2018. Several of the protagonists will repeat on the field, so it is the opportunity for Cristiano Ronaldo and the brilliant generation of Portuguese players he commands to take revenge on the Uruguay of Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani, a team that has a range of players to dominate from various tactical scenarios. 

Wednesday, November 30 - Poland vs Argentina

Some players are capable of tipping the scales in their team's favor even when it does not deserve it. Two such guys, true world stars, Lionel Messi vs. Robert Lewandowski, will be looking to lead their team to a victory that could be decisive to qualify for the Round of 16 of Qatar 2022. 

Thursday, December 1 - Croatia vs Belgium

A well-functioning team in a FIFA World Cup needs a solid balance point, and if it is world-class, so much the better. If there is one thing both Croatians and Belgians have, it is absolutely elite midfielders. Starting with the legendary Luka Modric and the fiendish Kevin de Bruyne, who are sheltered by several of the best players in the best teams in the world today.